Who’s Doing What In The FWSA?


Brad Davis - Brad’s new acoustic/electric trio will be performing in Austin, Tx; 2/18 – Venue TBA; 2/19 – 2/19 – Music on the Balcones Wood Lawn ( Brad’s trio is currently in the studio tracking a new record.

Mel Strait – Mel is trying to decide which songs to put on a demo, and would greatly appreciate any FWSA songwriters visiting his ReverbNation site (Mel Strait | ReverbNation) and giving him their 3 top suggestions. It's instrumental only. Send any suggestions to "".

Rick Tate - Rick Tate will be performing Feb 5th at Mama Angie’s 6:00pm. Rick is now registered with BMI as his performing rights organization. He is planning on following Brad Davis’s advice to seek film and TV opportunities, and Rick has written two songs this year already, it is going to be a good year.

John Terry – 2/21—Commodore Grille, Nashville, 7:30 PM with Nashville Songwriter’s Showcase (Live Stream on Facebook!); 2/23—Commodore Grille, Nashville, 6:00 PM with Debi Champion’s Songwriter Nights. John will be spending a week in Nashville, concentrating on co-writing and networking. John is always open to co-writing with other FWSA members; if interested, contact him at

Steven Troum - “Doc Roc” and The Troumatics next show is February 11th at Tillite Lounge Fort Worth (it’s free), then April 21st at Growl Records in Arlington. New single “Cross That Line” made it onto KXT 91.7 FM’s Local Show.

J.C.Wauson - After a recent change in songwriting direction, J.C. plans to begin releasing new music again in 2023. His newest single, “To the New Gym Bros,” drops on New Year’s Day. A drastic departure from Interim. “To The New Gym Bros” takes a more comical approach, providing an affectionate parody of gym culture with a moral…somewhere in there.

Rex Williams – Rex has placed on his website,, a number of his original songs, both studio produced for demonstration and songs for which he is the sole artist filling the role of writer, producer, engineer and utilizes digital technology across each recording project: preproduction, recording, mixing, and mastering which blends the entrepreneurial, creative, and technical roles. Since the studio produced songs are only for demonstration purposes, the demo recordings are not for sale but are provided as a means of encouraging other artists to consider using the lyrics and music in their future recordings.

Rachel Yeatts – Rachel’s band, Blue GrassFire has two dates on the books for February: 2/17 - KAVA Culture,109 Industrial St., Denton, TX 76201, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm. FREE; 2/ 24 - Pilot Point Coffee House, 110 W. Main St., Pilot Point, TX 76258, 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm. FREE. Follow Blue GrassFire on Facebook and Instagram; find Rachel’s music on Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play Music.

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