Who’s Doing What In The FWSA?


Cathy Baldwin:  DacatMusic has launched a video service that covers everything from CAGED to Work for Hires.  You can download free documents and watch informative videos for Songwriters and Musicians.  Visit Cathy's website, https// and select “free downloads”.

Gus Wolman:   Gus is working to build a music ministry in East Texas.  Hi song, “You're Coming Home With Me Tonight”, a protest against school shootings, written with Will Gunnel, is available on YouTube.  Gus continues to push for swift implementation of the streaming royalty reforms what should have occurred several years ago, but have been stifled by the streaming services, and encourages all songwriters to actively protest the literal theft of intellectual property by those services.

Janet Stanford:  Janet Leone (Stanford) released an album this year entitled “Country Girl” that is available on all music venues, including Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube, ITunes, Pandora, etc.  The website Hear Now gives these different music venue links for the album and a preview of the songs:  Janet has CDs available for sale, if desired.  Janet's artist website is

John Terry:  Performing Thursdays in February (except 2/22) at the Crowman Jam, Oasis Bar & Grill, Midlothian, TX, 7 PM.  John is also performing on 2/20 & 2/24 at the Commodores Grille, Nashville, with the Nashville Songwriters Showcase; 2/21 at the Commodore Grille with Debi Champion's Songwriters Nights.   John has signed a song-plugging agreement with Blue Canoe Group in Nashville, to pitch songs for artist placement.   John is always open to co-writing with other FWSA members; if interested, contact him as  For more of his music, visit

Rachel Yeatts:  Rachel will be performing at the Spring Bluegrass Festival, Oakdale Park, Glen Rose TX on 2 March, 2024.

Rex Williams:  Rex performed at the Mansfield Farr Best Theater's Open Mic in January and is scheduled to perform there again on February 8.  Rex is finalizing performance dates for the Christmas Musical he has written titled “Santa is Going Digital”, a Musical Play produced in the Melodrama genre of yester' years.   With 8 new Christmas songs such as “Happy, Happy Virtual Christmas”, “Santa's on a Diet” and others, the play will focus on the struggles that Santa is going through as he considers how best to use digital technology during the preparation and activities related to the annual Christmas celebration.  If interested in participating with the production, please contact Rex directly at

Rick Ritz:  Rick has updated his website to include new award-winning songs, “Heartland” (Rick Ritz) and “Fourth of July” (Rick Ritz, John Terry).

Steven Troum:Doc Roc” and The Troumatics" - Next Troumatics show is April 6 at Six Springs Tavern in Richardson as part of Live Music Revival 2 Festival.  Then, Doc Roc performs a solo acoustic set with Bencjones at Grackle Art Gallery for their 2nd Saturday Art Show on April 13th.  Their album “Watch Me Burn” is now available to stream for free as part of the Fort Worth Library's Amplify817 program (

Theodore Henning II:  Theo was awarded 1st Place in the Christian Category of the 2023 DSA Songwriting Contest for hit song, I'd Be A Fool, and a 2nd Place award for his instrumental entry, Armadillo Blues.  Theo's latest CD is Just Some Stuff featuring iconic Mineral Wells tribute song “Crazy Water” and “Baker Hotel Blues” along with an eclectic mix of folk and Americana tunes.  You can find his recorded music at  Be sure to follow his blog at

REMEMBER: If you have upcoming performances, song or CD releases, performance photos, and other music related news, please send your information to us each month at, when the “Call for Newsletter Sound Bites” is sent! The “Sound Bites” column is purged quarterly! If you do not send an update, or request that your posting be retained, it will be dropped at the end of each quarter.


FWSA offers several showcase opportunities each year (our goal is quarterly showcases), and various “Special Events”, such as Fort Worth’s Mayfest and also, provide performance opportunities.
To be considered for one of these events, you must have indicated an interest on your application form. Not sure? Has your interest changed? You can change your “eligibility status” at any time, simply by contacting FWSA via email at

Only original songs are allowed at FWSA showcase events; guest performers are welcome, as are backing or additional instrumentalists, although “full band” performances may not be allowed due to set-up time and other restrictions, such as venue or stage size.

Special Events may or may not be restricted to original songs; some events actually request a
mixture of original and cover songs, based on their expected audience. As with showcases,
guest performers are usually welcomed, although full band performances may not be allowed.
These events are a major form of publicity for FWSA, and we always want to “put our best foot
forward”...we can do this, with your help, by professional behavior on the part of our participants, by promoting FWSA along with your own appearance, and by strong performances of your best songs!

So, if you haven’t been invited to participate, but would like to be considered...please let us know at