Ready, Set, Go!  The Contest is ON!

Midnight September 20th,  2023  is  the  deadline to enter the  2023  FWSA  Song  contest,  which   is  open  to  all  FWSA members. Not a member, click on's that easy!  All entries are made on-line through the contest links on FWSA’s website,

As in previous years, FWSA’s contest categories are based on subject matter, rather than genre. This year’s categories are: 

Love/Relationship; Humor/Comedy; Holiday/Inspirational/Patriotic; Open (Non-Specific); and Lyrics Only. The “Open” Category is for any songs that do not specifically fall into any of the other categories, including instrumental-only songs.

For 2023, a special Grand Prize—a Master Recording by Nashville songwriter/producer, Denny Martin , valued at $500—will be awarded to one of the category winners.  According to Mr. Martin, this will be an “augmented guitar/piano/vocal” recording, with percussion and limited additional instrumentation and vocals. Either the writer/winner or a hired vocalist can be used for the recording by providing a Master recording, rather than a simple demo, the writer(s) will own all rights to the recording—it can be used as a demo or as a commercial product.

Each of the category winners will be entered into a random drawing for the Grand Prize. The recording offer can be applied to any song chosen by the winning songwriter; it does not have to be the contest song.

FWSA Song Contest Rules

Lyric sheets should contain only the title to the song – not the songwriter information. Songs must be submitted in MP3 format, using the links provided on the FWSA website. Lyrics should be submitted in a typed format for judges to read.  Only members of the Fort Worth Songwriters’ Association are eligible to participate in the song contest. Please consider joining the FWSA if you wish to submit songs to the FWSA Song Contest at  Co-writers can be non-members. Plaques will be presented to First-Place winners in each category. Second-Place and Third-Place winners in each category will receive a certificate. Winning co-writers will receive a certificate. Only one plaque will be presented per winner. All Category First-Place winners will be entered in a random drawing for the contest Grand Prize. Previous First-Place winning songs in this contest cannot be resubmitted in any category.

In each category except Lyrics Only, there are sub-categories for Studio Produced and Bare Bones. Bare Bones is one vocal/one instrument only. Studio Produced includes more than one vocal or one instrument whether done in a professional studio or home produced.  NOTE: The “Open Subject” category is designated for songs that do not fall into any of the specific categories listed.

A category must have entries from at least three different members, or it will be closed and entry fees will be refunded.  Judges in this contest will not be affiliated with the FWSA and will act as independent parties when entries are being judged. 

Songwriters are not limited in the number of songs that can be entered in the contest.

Entry Fees:
1 song - $11;   2 songs - $21;   3 songs - $27;
4 songs - $37;   5 songs - $47;   6 songs - $52



Bare Bones - “Holiday/Inspirational/Patriotic Message” 

Studio Produced - “Holiday/Inspirational Patriotic Message” 

Bare Bones “Open Subject Category” 

Studio Produced - "Open Subject Category

Bare Bones - “Humor/Comedy Songs” 

Studio Produced - “Humor/Comedy Songs” 

Bare Bones - “Love/Relationship Songs” 

Studio Produced - “Love/Relationship Songs” 

Lyrics' Only”  

FWSA Song Contest Payment Form