Who’s Doing What In The FWSA

Michael Anderson - Check out Michael’s solo CD’s “Community Without Chaos” featuring all original material and "Walking the Beauty Way” CD. Michael is now working on his latest CD called “Sacred Roots” - a compilation of original songs and ballads of life in the Norse community of Bosque County. For more info, go to

Marty Clifford Marty will be playing on Feb 2nd, Scranton Community Center, Scranton, TX.  Feb 9th, Baird Country Club, Baird, TX.  Feb 11th, Villa Haven Nursing Home, Breckenridge, TX.  Feb 16th, Olden Community Center, Olden, TX.  Feb 25th, Villa Haven Nursing Home, Breckenridge, TX.

Brad Davis Brad hosts a Songwriter Showcase on the third Tuesday of each month at Mugs Coffee Shop, 1123 Main St., Commerce, TX.  Sign up is at 6:30pm and start time is 7:00pm.  All songs must be original and family friendly.  Only 10 writers for the night and 2 songs each.  The show is recorded for broadcast on KETR 88.9 Notably Texan - Texas A&M Commerce.  Contact Brad ahead of time for available slots. For info, go to

John DeMoreJohn and Sara DeMore will be performing as a duo, “The DeMores,” at the Candlelite Inn in Arlington on Tuesday, Feb 16th, from 7:00-9:00pm. They will be performing in their trio “Sara and the SaraTones” adding John Sprott from Lubbock on Saturday, Feb 23rd, 7:00-10:00pm at the Legal Draft in Arlington, TX.. This is a fundraiser, “Ales for Ashley” for brain cancer research. Tickets are $40 online, and $45 at the door. 

Theodore A. Henning II Theo has a new mystery novel available at, titled “The Sauwastika Enigma”.  It can be purchased as an e-book or printed copy.   The link to order is: BH4Q&preview=newtab&linkCode=kpe&ref_=cmswrkbdpTVJsCbRJ6R12A.

David Hunter - Dave hosts an open mic at East Parker Coffee Co in Aledo, TX on the 2nd and 4th Thursday nights from 7:00 to 9:00pm. After a short break, Dave plans to begin marketing more heavily. A new logo will be used for caps, shirts, picks, koozies, etc.

Rob Owen - Rob latest CD single, “Send You Home” can be found at  For more information on Rob’s music, go to his website at or                                         

John Pronk -  John and FWSA Member Lenny Reynolds are working on a Texas Christmas music album for fall 2019 release, titled:  "When Christmas Comes to Texas".  The EP should contain 6 original songs in musical genres heard in our Lone Star State.  Friends who are also songwriters and musicians are helping with the project either by playing in studio or offering original tunes, or both.  The Texas genres represented include; Western Swing, Zydeco, Blues of Southeast TX, Tejano, singer/songwriter cowboy, and Rockabilly of Austin.  IF ANY MEMBERS HAVE TEXAS THEMED CHRISTMAS TUNES and are looking for a forum, John would like to hear from you.  For further information, contact John at

ShariRayeShariRaye is currently working on original songs. To purchase: Albums  "IT IS TIME" and "JESUS IS CHRISTMAS" are available at  https://shariraye.orghttps://www.facebook. com/rayeshari; raye.

Rick Tate Rick Tate performs in Mansfield area, Tuesdays at VFW on Harris Road, Thursdays at Big D BBQ, in Fort Worth Buffalo West 1st and 3rd Mondays.  Rick is currently working on three co-writes with FWSA members, and 4 new songs, 6 re-writes with Kyle Tankersly. Rick also uses Michael Pollard for studio musician.

Wayne Willingham - Now able to dedicate his efforts full-time, Wayne is looking forward to spending most of February “in the woodshed”, composing, recording, and planning a new live video.  Tentative title for the third album: The Ring. Concert tours in March and April/May, with bookings in Virginia, North Carolina, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon and Washington - with more on the way. There are also a few Metroplex gigs in February.  Check www.wayne or go to Wayne's Facebook page for updates

Gus Wolman -  While Gus has closed the publishing division of WCCMP, he continues to have the desire and the time to work with songwriters that want to "help people through music".  The concept is to find an incredible song about a very meaningful topic and then seek an artist that is willing to donate at least 51% of GROSS revenues to the right qualified 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Rachel Yeatts - Rachel and her band Blue GrassFire will be performing on Feb 1st, 8:45pm, in a folk showcase fundraiser for CASA, at J&J's Pizza on the square in Denton, Texas.