Who’s Doing What In The FWSA?


Kavin Allenson -  Kavin has released his annual year end compilation, personal best of songs and guitar pieces recorded during the year. This one is special.  Any sales benefit the local Creative Industry Relief Fund, for underemployed musicians and artists.  Go to the bandcamp link and download.  It’s pay what you want, even free, but I hope you will help our local musician brothers and sisters in need. Thanks!

Theodore A. Henning II - Theo has completed a new demo CD titled, “Just Some Stuff”, an eclectic mix of original tunes including two songs iconic for Mineral Wells, Texas; Crazy Water and Baker Hotel Blues. The CD or individual songs can be purchased at as well as through streaming services. Additionally, Theo’s latest project is the release of his novel “The Sauwastika Enigma”, a treasure hunting mystery offered at in both Ebook and paperback. If you ever wondered why George Langelaan wrote “The Fly”, you’ll find out in his book!

Steve Markwardt - Steve wants to share the release of his album, “Home Again” which released October 17.  It is available from his website:, and from all Tunecore streaming sites like iTunes/Apple Music, Pandora and Spotify.  Here is a link to his album on Spotify: 2N0oD8xG5 Gee Bc2 x legTIk?si=z4J-_GgRTuGnux-NBsP_Sg.

Rob Owen - Rob has been writing new songs and practicing with his partner, Michael Conner, getting ready for the next open mic and maybe a showcase.  For more on Rob’s music, go to ReverbNation at or his website at

Rick Tate - Rick wrote a song for his friend, a Payless Cashways co-worker, Joe Sanchez, who is suffering from IBM, Myositis. Joe's attitude is so positive that he is encouraging and affecting other patients to try to beat this disease. Myositis is a rare disease mostly misdiagnosed by medical professions. Peter Frampton recently was diagnosed with the disease. Rick and Joe's Myositis awareness song is on Rick's website @  Thanks to Mike Conner for playing piano on one of the versions of the song.  If you haven't been to Hoots in Rendon lately, Rick's nephew, Steven Russell, is the new owner, for the last year. Steven has remodeled, cleaned up, added a patio, and food service kitchen, allowing them to stay open during this bar shut down. If you get the chance, check out the music on the patio and enjoy some fine meals. Say hello to the staff, and Steven, from the Fort Worth Songwriters Association.

John Terry -  John has completed a 12-song demo of “solo” songs (not co-writes); any artist looking for original songs to record can contact him at

Gus Wolman - During these very troubled times, we at Real Men Do Cry (division of Winner's Circle Country Music Publishing) are focused on what truly is important, which is God, Family and Country.  Therefore, we have recently established a Music Ministry website of thought provoking and uplifting songs.  Songwriters who participate have allowed RMDC to post their songs as "Songwriter Editions".  We now have 53 songs on our site that will generate, for the songwriter, $.45 per sale of digital downloads of our RMDC music.  Our songwriters always maintain ownership of their music.  We host songs about the challenging times of America today.  We pray that you will visit our site at  If interested, please email a maximum of 2 songs (one song only per email) for review for possible listing on our RMDC website.  Please put the song name in the subject line of your email.  You can email me at