I unintentionally write about subjects which I need more improvement. I think my article is helping someone else become a better songwriter or maybe even a better person, when in fact, I am exposing areas which I could do better.

Every time I hear a positive message in song or poem, I instantly take inventory of my busy schedule and habits. Do my actions and words reveal my gratefulness of all the blessings surrounding me?

Or, have I drifted off into the dark side again, the negative? I try to start each day being grateful, but honestly, it only takes one crazy driver cutting in front of me to make me ungrateful, really quick. So begins my downward spiral? No, I will remain grateful in spite of those idiots bent on ruining my day.

Humility is not weakness, it is awareness. Other people are around you and they are important too. It doesn’t seem that long ago when I was in high school. I was fortunate enough to win several track and field events at some track meets. As I stepped up onto the platform to have the gold medal hung around my neck, I distinctly remember my feelings that incredible and talented athletes finished second and third. I knew they were there to take the gold if I ever slacked off, making me train even harder.

I would like to think I carried that humility into my adult life. In songwriting, at first I did not call myself a songwriter because that seemed to undeservedly elevate me to the talented people which have hit songs on the radio. By definition-songwriter: “one who writes lyrics or melodies for popular songs”.

I do not have any hit songs on the radio currently, but I do have some popular songs in the circles where I perform. While it is much nicer to be called a songwriter by someone else, it is the beginning of the thought process to think, “I am a songwriter”. That is my positive message, my goal, my intention. I am grateful for the lyrics and melodies I have penned so far, hoping they push me into becoming a better songwriter.

Think positive.